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Finger Text with Npp Calc

  • Davey

    I have been using the fingertext plugin now for a long time.
    It is truly an indispensable plugin!!
    I recently installed many other plugins and realized that Notepad++ started to crash every time I opened the Snippet Editor of fingertext.
    After many tests I realized that it was npp_calc which was causing the conflict.
    I am running N++ 6.3.3
    Windows 7 64 bit

    So, the point of this post is 2-fold:
    1) Everyone should know that there is a conflict between these plugins
    2) Maybe something can be done by the authors to resolve this issue

    Thanks to all for their generosity
    both to DonHo for the program!
    and all others for their plugins!
    (and all others who offer their help :) )

    Last edit: Davey 2013-06-23