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NPP Shell Extension

  • Where do I have to hex-edit the dll for it to point to notepad.exe rather than notepad++.exe (i renamed mine to notepad.exe)

    • Paulius

      Notepad++.exe was never supposed to be renamed, so notepad++ shell extension was never supposed to be used with something other than the notepad++.exe file.
      I didn't have much time lately to work on the extension, although i might find some time next week. Once i rewrite some parts (or all) of it - the code will be made public so (if you realy want to do this), you'll be able to change this in the extension source code and recompile it.

      I do not know in what mood i will be next week (when i will have time), but right now i'm actualy thinking about complete rewrite of the extension. Also, since some users has experienced some issues with the extension because it was depending on the dynamic C and C++ runtimes (msvcr71.dll and msvcp71.dll). So in the next release, these dependencies will be removed (i never understood why /MT and not /MD - now i know why).

      Also, if you have any suggestions about the extension - you can post them in the forums (i'm checking them constantly). Note that, i will not include the feature of "configurable executable file".