Find in all docs doesnt work with readonly!

  • Hi! Great program!

    One bug though ... The great function "Find in all opened documents" doesn't work if the files are write-protected for some reason. It simply doesn't find the results it should.

    Could you fix this please?

    • It doesn't crash or anything - just doesn't find anything that is there!

      I tested it over a network neighborhood-connection on read-only files - and it found nothing, even though I could clearly see the text i searched for. I then copied the text onto my local harddrive and made it write-enabled - and viola it found something on the same search!

    • Don HO
      Don HO

      fixed in v3.2


    • No, it isn't, sorry! .. still doesn't work!

      • Don HO
        Don HO

        I just tested v3.2 with a read only attribute file.
        It works for me.

        Could you give me a screenshot?