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How to activate synchronized scrolling

2. Help

  • Anonymous

    Hey all,

    I am having trouble activating synchronized scrolling (both vertical and horizontal). This would be helpful, because I want to compare two documents that are entirely different, but the lines correspond with each other and are best analyzed side-by-side. I open the two files in separate instances, and click View, Synchronize horizontal scrolling, and Synchronize vertical scrolling in both windows, but the scrolling doesn't synchronize.

    Could someone please advise? Thanks.

  • cchris

    Synchronised scrolling only can work betwen the two views of some instance. N++'s multiple instances mostly ignore one another.



  • Anonymous

    Oh, OK. Thanks, good to know. For anyone else who is interested in using synchronized scrolling to compare 2 different documents, WinMerge does this. However, it's not really intended for this task, and you'll have to ignore all the diff highlighting. Hope that helps.

  • Dan Rathbun
    Dan Rathbun

    Open both files in the same instance. Point to one of the files tab, and right-click the mouse. Choose "Move to other view"
    Then start the compare plugin.

    Also as of v 6.1.3, the setting for the view panes are mismatched in the "config.xml" file.

    Not really a bug: It's a mismatch attribute in the "config.xml" file, for the "zoom" attribute, between the "ScintillaPrimaryView" and "ScintillaSecondaryView" tags.

    You MUST edit the user "config.xml" file (in the "%APPDATA/Notepad++"
    directory,) with another editor (such as MS Visual Studio, or MS XML Notepad, etc.)
    You CANNOT edit it with Notepad++ itself, because the changes will be overwritten when you close Notepad++.
    Change the "zoom" attribute to "0" in the "ScintillaPrimaryView" attribute, then COPY ALL attributes from the "ScintillaPrimaryView" tag, and overwrite the attributes in the "ScintillaSecondaryView" tag, so that they are both EXACTLY the same.
    The lines in both panes, will now line up, and no more weird scroll bar behavior, near the bottom of files.

  • Mesmeric

    Synchronised Scrolling is a fantastic feature. I load my turkish book on one side, and its english translation on the other and it keeps in tandem :)

    However, a question - things don't quite keep in tandem for various reasons.
    Is there a way in synchronised scrolling, to independently scroll the side-by-side panes so I can keep the two panes nudged into alignment where needed?
    If not, could I suggest Shift-Scroll (i.e. shift-mousewheel or shift-click the scrollbar) should do this, as such an essential feature must be just a moment to implement?

    With many thanks,


    Last edit: Mesmeric 2013-04-25
  • Mesmeric

    I think also if i'm on Synchronised Scrolling, I'm going to want synchronised zooming so they stay properly in tandem; again Shift-zoom could do a non-synchronised zoom. Perhaps this could be a third synchronise option, or just assumed.

  • Frosting

    Is there a way to have this so that it works on a multiple monitor setup? Have one document open in one monitor and then another on the second monitor (Dual Monitor) and have synch scrolling work? I tried this with two separate instances running but as mentioned above this does not work. The document tabs do not separate from the main window and allow to move them around so you can place one window on a different monitor while the other is on another.

    The closest I have gotten is to stretch the notepad++ program open across both my monitors and place the central line that separates the documents square in the middle between both my monitors. This works but it is not the working environment I want to really be using as it covers up most of my desktop and I can't have other windows, file explorers, browsers or whatever open and usable while I also am using Notepad++. I have to keep selecting whatever window or program to bring it to the front when I am ready to use it say to test a css layout in a browser etc...