Find (and not replace) in multiple files

  • Hi,

    First post here, and already checked the other similar threads, and Google as well, no luck so far on what I need.

    I'm looking for a "find in multiple files" option (and no, that is not the "Find in Files" which is currently available in N++) which will find the thing I want in multiple documents which are currently open in N++.

    In detail, I have two log files, which have two different kinds of information, but related in the end. If I handle the files one by one, everything is perfect, I write my RegEx and find whatever I want. However handling files one by one is slow and I have to switch from file to file and scroll (even if I place them side by side).

    So what I want to do is, open two (or more) files, type in the RegEx (which has let's say all keywords that I'm looking for which might be in any of the open files) and hit Enter, and see in the results pane all results that it has found from all open files.

    Is there way to do this using the regular search option in N++ and not go further into scrtipting i.e. in Python, etc?

    Thanks in advance!

  • cchris

    Use "Find in All opened documents", on the Find tab.