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diff option

2. Help
  • is there an option that will allow me to display side by side two versions of the same source, with the matching lines optionally folded and the added/deleted/revised lines highlighted ?

    thanks in advance :-)

    • the diff feature is not implemented in Notepad++.
      you can go to the plugin forum to do your request.


    • Paulius

      Note that even if you post your request there - there are many other free (and even OpenSource) tools that does just that. And nobody wants to "reinvent the wheel".

      My favorite is WinMerge, you can find it here:

    • Stepho

      I also recommend (and use) WinMerge :

    • I suggest you to use Beyond Compare

    • [By: lyberty]

      Thanks for the alternative recommendations and links!

      It still would be cool if N++ had a diff / file compare plugin option though. Any brilliant people out there who know how to tweak an existing ap and turn it into a N++ plugin or function?