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about Japanese character

2. Help
  • I think Notepad++ is a very nice editor to write program.
    But I have some problems. It cannot display Japanese character correctly.
    I donot know what the encode options in Format menu means, but
    I tried all of them, none works. I also tried to change the font in
    global styles ( Language menu -> Styler Configurator), but some font name
    in the fonts list combobox is empty, I think these fonts are Japanese fonts.
    So, maybe it cannot display Japanese font name correctly in the font list.

    I also use SciTE (http://www.scintilla.org), it can display Japanese if I
    change some settings in SciTEGlobal.properties:

    # Internationalisation
    # Japanese input code page 932 and ShiftJIS character set 128
    I heard that Notepad++ use scintilla, so maybe this help.

    I use
    os:windows 98 Japanese version
    notepad++ v3.0

    • Got it! Set the "Format" to display in ANSI. Set the font to a Japanese font from the Settings > Styler Configurator global settings.

      It is not clear to me how I can change the encoding of the ANSI (JSIS) file (to EUC, or UTF-8 etc) because there is no encoding dialogue on the save screen, and if I change the Format >> Encoding it does not reencode, changing the encoding, it just displays the file in the wrong encoding. Changing the econding of a file is a very common procedure due to the number of different encodings for non English text files.

      Could it be that this editor was made for those using English?


    • Don HO
      Don HO

      The font listing problem is fixed in the future 3.1 version, that you can have all your font list. For the v3.0 or older version, you can still make change the font by editing the "%AppData%\Notepad++\stylers.xml" manually.

      If you work under xp - there should be no problem to display japanese under UTF-8, otherwise you should set the appropriate font to display it.


      • I tried to open a file created with notepad on a Japanese system and it is all gibberish.
        The file is Shift JIS as are most things Microsoft, including Notepad.
        Is there anyway of displaying the file?
        I would like to convert it to UTF-8.

    • Hi,
      How to change between SJIS to EUC coding?