.doc sometimes open in n++ or in open office

  • Colin McCubbin
    Colin McCubbin

    Hi I have 'open office' set up to open .doc files and this happens as expected if I click on a .doc file in windows explorer.

    But for some reason, if I am sent a .doc file as an email attachment and I click on it, it opens in notepad++ and just contains a bunch of squares. Rather than text. (If I first save it and then open it it displays in open office....)

    I an using thunderbird as my email prog.

    I've been into propereties and checked that 'open office' is set to open files of type .doc

    Any thoughts?


    • HaveFun2000

      hmmm ... strange.

      But I think, u could get better replies, if you ask this in a thunderbird-forum.

    • The only thing I can think of is that the font they are using in the .doc is not listed among your font types.

      hope it helps :~)