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Better Build Instructions

2. Help
  • The instructions how to build notepad++ yourself are somewhat minimalistic.

    I presume that it's easy to build if you use visual studio cause a project file is provided.

    But if you don't have visual studio for whatever reason it would be nice if there was some more information available about how to build notepad++ with mingw. What do we need and how do we do it. Now we are just told that it can be build with mingw but not exacly how.

    A little more information about it would be great. Or maybe I can not find the insturction, in that case I hope somebody could give me some pointers to them.

    • for example can a configure file be included so we can build notepad++ with autoconf and automake...

    • Don HO
      Don HO

      A makefile for MinGW comes with the source package (in the "gcc" directory).

      All you have to do is type "make" under this directory.

      here's the updated makefile for v3.1 :


    • Thank you. Never came to mind that the makefile could be slightly outdated. (Should have thought of that)

      I Still think that the build insructions included could be made a little clearer than they are at this time.

    • Any chance we could get a Dev-C++ project file. It's default compiler is MinGW there shouldn't be any compatibility problems. It's only a matter of getting all the options right. Unlike MinGW, Dev-C++ is a complete installable IDE.