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  • Hubald Alberti
    Hubald Alberti

    Dear readers,
    in a previous version of NP++ we created some macros to do some REGEX work. Some marco's had to be repeated to get the desired results (delete double spaces for example) and via the feedback we knew when we had reached the point to go to the next macro (message popup saying there were no results).

    Unfortunately since V6.4.3 the macros still work but the popup messages are no longer displayed...

    Can someone tell me if there is a option to turn this on or do we have to fall back to a previous version of NP++??

    With kind regards
    Hubald alberti
    (Sorry for any grammar mistakes, i'm dutch ;))

  • cchris

    Most people were complaining about the popup, so it was completely removed indeed. I had always thought it should be optional and off by default. Perhaps Don can consider the half move backwards?


  • Loreia2

    Hi Hubald,

    can you post your problematic macros here, so we could rewrite the same stuff as Python scripts. For example, removing multiple spaces is as simple as:

     import re
     test = "a  b   c    d"
     re.sub(" +", " ", test)

    You can then use these small snippets with Python plugin.


  • Ron Jensen
    Ron Jensen

    Hubald, your English is better than my Dutch. :)

    I have the same problem, I thought I really wanted the results dialog gone. But, when I tried it I quickly discovered I need the result dialog for many of my macros. As a result I've remained on 6.3.2. I'd really like the result dialog to be selectable...