nppcrypt plugin update failure

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    Note: I have send this message to the plugin development, but don't know if that is the appropriate place... So also sending it to the help forum... Sorry for the inconvenience caused...

    I was using the nppcrypt plugin. When I tried to update the plugin, it displays an error message and it can not be updated. It opens up a dialog (plugin manager) that says:

    [It has not been possible to validate the integrity of the "NppCrypt.dll" needed to install or update the plugin. Do You want to copy this file anyway (not recommended)]

    Wanted to decrypt the file but can not do this anymore. Is there another way to do this, maybe a standalone application (of this plugin) to rescue the file....

    Any ideas???

    I am using npp version 6.6.7. I do not know the previous version of the plugin. Also the encrypted file starts with SALTED__... and is not a hex file.

    Is there a document that explains the format of the encrypted file?

    Best Regards,