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  • "\n" does not function, same "Regular Expressions" checked
    how to seek characters "CRLF"
    (notepad++ 3.0)

    • >word start and end characters

      These work fine which is why [x]Whole Word Only isn't available for RegEx searches.

      >you must use ( and ) without slashes

      That's because SCFIND_POSIX is always set. The exception is listed.

      The Ctrl+R Replace Dialog by the TextFX plugin provides an active list of the RegEx expressions at the top which include ^line begin and line end$. The Ctrl+R Dialog also provides multi line search and replace in which you can put returns and tabs directly without using RegEx.

    • I have the same problem with both \n not working as well as ^ and $.

      what's the right regex? (beginning of line and end of line, as well as the aforementioned new line)?

      Thanks a lot. THis is a fantastic project.

      • same problem here with v3.2

        please help us, as basically it takes 90% of the uselesness away from this application if i cannot do find/replace on newlines and other special characters

    • I can't get any regex to work in the search/replace.

    • I can't get any regex to work in the search/replace.  Seems to be non-functional.

      • Paulius

        It is functional. Maybe you're just using it wrong way?
        Notepad++ supports regex syntax (with some exceptions) described here:

        The only exception to the document known to me is that:
        for region start and end, you must use ( and ) without slashes (as described in the document above).

        Note that i never used word start and end characters, because i never needed it, so i'm not sure if they are correctly described in the document.

    • You can search for CRLF.
      It's quite easy, and it fits to the regexp specifications:

      As an example: search for "end$" will match all lines ending with "end".