Auto reload doesn´t work


  • Anonymous


    I am using a tool called snapshot to create backups. It´s included in a big batch script and puts it´s status (backup in %, every 1 sek) to a logfile. I want to use np++ to monitor this file but somehow this doesn´t work on me.

    I enabled, how your wiki says, Preferences > Options > MISC > automatic reload > active, …, …

    Unfortunately the file doesn´t reload at all. I´ve restartet np++ several times and tried some other methods but it doesn´t work at all.

    P.S: I am using np++ 5.9.2 portable from

    I´m looking forward to a solution provided by you

    • Keith F. Kelly
      Keith F. Kelly

      +1. This is still broken in npp 6.4.3 for Windows. NPP reloads when you switch away from the app and back again, or manually choose "reload", but it does not auto-reload as expected each time the file is written to by some other process.

  • cchris

    When the external application saves the file, flushing modified contents to disk, N++ notices this almost immediately and asks you whether to reload.
    Works for me under Win 8/64 Home.
    1/ What's your OS?
    2/ Is the external app a conventional text editor, or something fancier?
    3/ Is your file on a network drive? There could be monitoring issues there.
    4/ Just in case: if you rrename your plugins folder to say "lugins", does issue still arise?