create a new entry in the main contextual menu : a new icon empty txt file

  • Visibler

    I am trying with lopesoft tools to create an entry in the main contextual menu to create a new notepad++ txt file. That is create an icon with an empty txt file.

    How can i do that.

    I think is with a command line or something like that .

    By example :
    notepad++ is installed in
    c:\program files(86)\notepad++
    to launch the program the command line is
    c:\program files(86)\notepad++\notepad++.exe
    But if i only want to create in the windows explorer an icon representing an empty txt file.... How can i do ?

    What is the command ?

    Best Regards

    Last edit: Visibler 2014-02-19
  • cchris

    There is no direct command - you cannot pass actions to Notepad++ from the current line.
    If you have sessions disabled, thenthe command you provided will indeed open a new file.
    You can associate your text files with Notepad++, and use the existing New -> Text Document in the Explorer menu.
    One last thing: your path uses a path with a space in it, but you didn't enclose it inside double quotes. Perhaps the fix is just doing that.