N++ dosn't work after Security Update

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  • Hi,

    Notepad++ dosn't start anymore since I installed the security update KB912919 (wmf exploit) on my WinXP Prof. system. I've tried 3.3 and 3.4 of N++, same result: Windows is preparing a error report to sent.


    • Laurent

      I don't know if problem is due to security update but version 3.3 and 3.4 don't work on my win200 sp4 with all updates.
      I have uninstalled KB912919 but same problem.
      Only 3.2 work...

      • If i install N++ in german, it does not start and give my a error message. If i install it in english everithing works fine?!?

        • Don HO
          Don HO

          It seems that the MS Security Update do modify the nativeLang.xml that causes Notepad++'s crash.

          The remedy is redownload your native language file, rename it to replace your old nativeLang.xml then curse MS Security Update ;)


    • I installed KB912919 on my office pc (also windows xp prof. sp2). Notepad++ 3.3 and 3.4 opened without any problem. It seems the problem is not the security update.


    • I've got the same problem with my office pc (WIN XP PRO SPII with Multi Language Pack German). I have also the security update installed. Every time I try to start N++ I only get a failure sound and a message in the event viewer.
      (only in German, sorry, but I've tried a translation ;) ) Maybe it helps:

      "Failed Application notepad++.exe, Version, Failed Modul notepad++.exe, Version, Failure Address 0x00019054."

      In a VMware virtual maschine with WIN XP PRO SPII German I don't have these problems. The security update is installed also ..... hmmm, weird isn't it?

    • Hey .... it's me again ...

      I fixed it with uninstalling N++, deleting the N++-Folder in my profile folder and reinstalled N++ ....

      Maybe it helps

    • Laurent

      It's you nobody ? ;-)

      I had already deleted all files, folders and registry keys but problem is always here.

      I will test with 3.5 ...