Polish characters

  • Hello!

    Notepad++, ver. 4.8.

    I cannot write Polish special characters. In Polish systems we write them using [right ALT]+letter. As far as I know, I cannot write them from ver. 4.8.

    For example:

    Using combination of [right ALT]+[n] I should have polish letter "ń", but now I have "D" (only in Notepad++). Using [right ALT]+[l] I should see "ł", but now I get "B". With other combinations I get strange characters instead of Polish characters which I had before (when I was using previous versions of Notepad++).

    Without it, Notepad is useless for me. :(

    Best regards,

    • I see the problem is fixed in version 4.8.2 http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=95717&package_id=102072
      I also see that the hexEditor plugin is not included in this installation package.
      So who don't use the hex editor can use the program with non-english languages :) Thanks Don!


    • confirm.

      • Yes, I agree, Notepad++ is useless for him.

    • Notepad++ 7.5 is OK (with Polish special characters)

      • WHERE CAN I GET THAT? Notepad++ 7.5!!!

    • Rocky

      From the official 4.8.1 announcement message: http://sourceforge.net/forum/message.php?msg_id=4812359

      > However there's always input problem for non-ainsi characters (for example, Cyrillic characters). 
      > It's due that this bug is related with updating to Scintilla 1.75 from 1.73. 
      > I don't find out yet why and how. Please let me know if you identify the problem. 
      > For the Cyrillic users, please stick with v4.7.5 until this problem is solved in the next version.

      Polish special characters ARE non-ansi characters.

      Try the fixed version from here (make sure you disable HexEditor plugin): http://sourceforge.net/forum/forum.php?thread_id=1959136&forum_id=331754

      > WHERE CAN I GET THAT? Notepad++ 7.5!!!
      Someone missed the '4' from the version. It's 4.7.5 :)