Bug Report: Style Configurator dialog

  • In the Style Configurator dialog the "User Define keywords" text field sometimes loses the last character of its content or entirely corrupts the data when the changes are saved.

    I'm using the windows binary install, on polish WinXP SP2.

    How to reproduce:
    Open the dialog, select one of the languages and style "WORD" or "KEYWORD", then input something into the field and save changes.

    The corruption is done immediatelly (I checked it in stylers.xml using a separate editor) and is usually also visible immediatelly. If not, then it "appears" in the dialog after a few next user action or program restart.

    I first encountered this bug on v3.3, trying to add E_STRICT keyword to the php's "WORD" style list, but it appears also in v3.5 and in other languages and styles. I also thought for a moment that it is a result of some kind of field size limit, but it appeared the same way (last character lost) no matter how many characters I inputed.

    And once on the ASP page it completelly destroyed the field content turning it into a garbage.

    • Fixed in v3.6 :]