load session wipes out session file content? (after upgrade to v6.6.8)

  • Mel_3

    • I just updated to v6.6.8 this morning and now when I attempt to load a session created before the upgrade... it basically wipes the file !??
    • Session file = test2.npp
    • Looking at the file with Windows Notepad everything seems normal...
    • But after clicking File - Load Session - test.npp with npp 6.6.8 I get a blank screen.
    • Then close npp with out saving and look at the contents with Windows Notepad
    • and all I have left is shown below...

    <Session activeView="0">
    <mainView activeIndex="7"/>
    <subView activeIndex="0"/>

    • so all links to the files that were in the session are gone !

    Thanks for any help.