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Notepad++ replace html for blogger img

2. Help

    Hello tournedisque,

    Assuming that </a> is present ONLY ONE time, at the end of
      each line, I think the syntax below could do the job !

    FIND              :   ^.+(<img.+)<a/>

    REPLACE    :   \1

    Some explanations :

      ^ stands for BEGINNING of line
      .+ stands for SOME CONSECUTIVE characters, from ONE to ANY
      The PARENTHESES () store ALL the characters FROM the STRING <img
        INCLUDED, up to the STRING </a>, EXCLUDED, as GROUP 1
      \1, in the REPLACEMENT part, is a BACKREFERENCE to the GROUP 1 :
         so, it re-writes that GROUP 1, ONLY !

    Of course, don't forget to tick the 'Regular Expression' box !

    May be, the SEARCH  expression won't be restrictive enough, but if
      all your lines have the same structure, it'll work !


    P.S. :

    I've made a TUTORIAL, about the PCRE Regular Expressions
      ( Perl Common Regular Expressions ), used in Notepad++,
      from the 6.0 version.
    As I'm French, all this manual is written in French. but
      you can find out some tricks or explanations in all the
      lists and examples, all along this tutorial.
    Christian Cuvier ( cchris ), a very well-known contributer,
      allowed me to put my tutorial on his personnel site.

    So, you can download this TUTORIAL, in 3 versions,
    (.txt .pdf .html), at the address below :

    I hope it'll be useful to you