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Issue when right-clicking after highlighting a carriage return/line feed

2. Help
  • johnk811

    In version 6.5 if you highlight multiple lines and the line either begins or ends with a carriage return/line fee the menu shows up with an "e", "s", "a", "n", and "r" on the menu list and it also unhighlights (is that a word?) the text you had copied.  I'm thinking this is a bug, can anyone else duplicate?  See attached image.

    • Norman Dewar
      Norman Dewar

      I have the very same problem. I've browsed the documentation to see how I can eliminate this but no luck. Can anyone help?

  • sunrisecc

    I too have the same problem. My work-around is to use another editor.

    This problem first appeared in 6.5 and continues in 6.5.1.

    I disabled the spellcheck and it works as before:

    Per https://sourceforge.net/p/notepad-plus/bugs/4548/

    Last edit: sunrisecc 2013-11-10

    Hello sunrisecc, Norman, john811 and All,

    Indeed, it's a strange issue. For example, if, in two consecutive blank lines, you just place the cursor at the very beginning of the second blank line, then a right click, to open the Context Menu, displays, in addition to the single letters, the two lines :

    Ignore "" for Current Session and Add "" to Dictionary !!!

    But we can use a workaround to that odd behaviour of the DSpellCheck plugin !

    • Go to the choice Plugins\DSpellCheck\Settings...

    • Select, if necessary, the tab named Simple, in the DSpellCheck Settings window

    • At the bottom of this dialog, at the option Suggestions Control:, select the choice Special Suggestion Button

    • Validate this change by a click on the OK button

    From now on, under the different misspelled words, you'll notice a small white arrow, in a red background box. And a left mouse click will show you the alternative words, proposed by the DSpellCheck plugin.

    With that option, the issue doesn't exists any more, because there is no correlation between the left click on the suggestion button and the right click to open the Context Menu :-)

    I didn't notice that issue before, because I always set the suggestion button, in DspellCheck !!



    Last edit: THEVENOT Guy 2013-11-10