python block comment support

  • FOA, I love Notepad++.

    One question though: Block comments are not configured for Python in lang.xml
    So I changed the configuration so that this line:
            <Language name="python" ext="py pyw" commentLine="#">
    became this one:
            <Language name="python" ext="py pyw" commentLine="#" commentStart="&quot;&quot;&quot;" commentEnd="&quot;&quot;&quot;">

    (The idea I took from the configuration of Smalltalk where single quote is used.
    Nonetheless the comments within those """ my doc """ are not highlighed with configured color.

    Any idea?

    • Update. Actually the new line is:

    • not again...
      well. you got it.
      The value for commentStart and commentEnd is &&quot;&&quot;&&quot;

    • <Language name="python" ext="py pyw" commentLine="#" commentStart="&amp;quot;&amp;quot;&amp;quot;" commentEnd="&amp;quot;&amp;quot;&amp;quot;">

    • so stupid... why did it replace the & quot; and did not &amp; ?

    • Try changing 'TRIPLE' and 'TRIPLEDOUBLE' in styler configurator.

      • Cool. thanks :)
        Not very intuitive though