A bug maybe?

  • I dunno for sure if this is the behavior wanted but when i have in 1 line  2x a comom word let's say "Bla" and i click find it will match both words but when ever i press find all in all opened documents  it will report 2x the same line instead of just 1 time, here is an exemple:
    I have a line in a document like this:
    Bla asgiagfafg Bla
    I will search for "Bla" in all open documents and this is what i get:
    new 7 (1):Bla asgiagfafg Bla
    new 7 (1):Bla asgiagfafg Bla

    shouldn't it report "new 7 (1):Bla asgiagfafg Bla" just  1 time?

    • Don HO
      Don HO

      > shouldn't it report "new 7 (1):Bla asgiagfafg Bla" just 1 time?

      Since it finds 2 tokens in the same line.