Parameter hints for Lisp

  • Mjolnir Pants
    Mjolnir Pants

    I tend to write a lot of scripts in AutoLisp, and I was wondering if there was a way to modify the parameter hints to cause them to show once the function name was typed in, without having to type in a preceding open parentheses. Anyone who could offer any insight into how to do this gets on my christmas list. :D
    I've already tried using the following in my Autolisp.xml API:

    <Environment ignoreCase="yes" startFunc=" " paramSeparator=" " />
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  • cchris

    You have to type something so that N++ understands you are at the end of a function name and not in the middle of something.
    There is a shortcut to show hints at the ucurrent position, default is Ctrl-Shify-Space. Try it. Or Edit-> Auto-Completion-> Function Parameter Hint