Cirylic encoding problem

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  • Hi
    It's really great editor, but...

    I can't succed to use it for openning russian .html sources.

    How to force New file to open in Format>>Display as UTF by default?

    thanks in advance

    • Agree! And would like to ask fo cyrillic support in DOS also (cp866). Thank You!

    • How add cyrilic encoding page (cp866) into NPP ?
      Who resolv this problem ? Thanks !

    • Don HO
      Don HO

      There's no way to force the open format. You have to set it manually.

      To display Hebrew, Arabic, Cyrillic, and Han characters, please set in Unicode mode (UTF-8).

      The codepage in Dos won't be supported.

    • Manually is good!
      But UTF-8 for cyrillic is two-byte sequences, and in this case user should convert your file for file codepage (CP) to UTF-8.
      Would be much better if Notepad++ works with Unicode only internally and allow to convert non-Unicode files to Unicode using custom CP, not Windows-ASCII-default only.
      I.e. custom first parameter of MultiByteToWideChar, not only CP_ACP

    • In addition to codepage (CP) problem.
      This problem also correlate with Font character set. By default this character set selected using same default ASCII codepage. The better soultion is allowing user to select this range - "Script" combo box in standart Font selection dialog (or CF_SELECTSCRIPT flag in CHOOSEFONT.Flags)

      • Don HO
        Don HO

        I'll consider it.