Disable Fold Margin ?

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  • Richard

    While I was able to turned off line numbers, I cannot find the option to disable the fold margin.

    The "folder margin style" just changes how it looks and does not have an off option.

    Is there a way to disable this ? or reduce the width to 0px ? If not can it please be added :)



    • Found it!!  If you go into langs.xml and comment out the Language tags for file extensions that you want, for me it's PHP, Perl and VBS, then restart Notepad++ and VOILA!!!  No more annoying folder margins.

      Next step, get rid of the annoying tab lines and I'll be a hap-hap-happy camper.  So far it's an ear to ear grin.. :-)

      Now if someone could make the above mentioned "features" easily disabled from the GUI, that would be nice (icing on the cake).

      BTW, thanks to everyone who's developing Notepad++.  What an excellent piece of software!!!

    • Anyone?  I am also looking to disable this very much annoying feature.


    • Found the "Show Indent Lines" and took care of my tab/indent lines.

      Thanks y'all...