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NP++ 2.7 is hijacking my programs!

2. Help
  • I downloaded NP++ 2.7 a couple of days ago and it's a great programming editor!

    Just one BIG problem: when I start my other programs, NP++ starts up and opens them as binary files in its window!

    My OS is windows 98SE. I installed NP++ using the .exe installer with the standard setings.

    Can anyone help me, please?


    • Don HO
      Don HO

      It's the same problem as thread :
      "Default handling for .dsw back to VS".

      To correct this problem, please uninstall your Notepad++ withe the uninstaller, then re-install it by UNCHECKING the "Context Menu Entry" option during the install procedure.


    • That did it.

      I want to say again that NP++ is a great editor for javascript; I especially like the folding!

      Thanks for your efforts,