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  • I am considering using Notepad++ to replace TextPad as my Python editor. One feature I use a lot in TextPad is the ability to run the Python interpreter on the file I'm editing and see the results in another window in TextPad. Can I do this in NotePad++, and if so, how?

    • Don HO
      Don HO

      This ability will be in the next release :
      you can :

      1. In the run dialog, type your cammand to run with the parameter "$FULL_CURRENT_PATH" which is the full path of your current editing document.

      2. Save it with the shortcut of you choice.

      3. To execute, stroke the shortcut.

    • Does not work, this parameter (in Windows XP) is being passed without any change, I receive exactly $FULL_CURRENT_PATH and not the replacement.

    • I have XP and it does work. Did you include the ""'s?

    • I'd like to start C/C++ compiler from N++. Which steps I must follow? Thanks!

      P.S. On example Visual Studio 98 "cl.exe"





    • I would like to join the last guys request for an example for C/C++ (gcc/g++). how do i program NP++ to run "make" ?

    • Paulius

      You have to use $(FULL_CURRENT_PATH) instead of $FULL_CURRENT_PATH.
      Here's an example:
      cmd /K "php -l -f "$(FULL_CURRENT_PATH)" && ECHO. && PAUSE && EXIT"
      This command runs a PHP syntax check (you must have php.exe in your path).

      Don, did you forgot this? :)

    • Hey there, got the file path thing working perfectly, no issues at all. However say you compile a .java file into a class file, and then you want to run it... You cant do this without having a command window open to execute it, the reason for this is that you need to specify the same filename of the class(same as the .java).

      Would it be possible to add a variable that has the filename without the extention?

      Many thanks