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Next/previous tab in tab order, hiding left margin, other questions...

2. Help
  • Sail

    First, thanks for the nice program! I'm not that much of a programmer, but I really do appreciate a lightweight, tabbed plain-text editor! It makes what I do SO much easier!

    So my questions:

    1: It's nice to have the ctrl-tab/ctrl-shift-tab shortcuts to switch between the last windows/tabs used, but is it possible to be able to cycle through tabs in tab order as well? I'd use that far, far more often; it's what I'm used to in my web browsers and Pidgin. This is the big one, for me!

    2: Is there a way to hide the left (selection?) margin thing -- that space on the left side of the text area?

    3: What exactly is that margin for, line numbers aside? The blue jewel things are pretty and all, but they don't seem very self-explanatory. (I know, RTFM, right?)

    4: Any plans to make it so we can have a less conspicuous end-line marker, if we'd prefer? Like, say, the pilcrow (¶)? I'm guessing not, since this is geared toward coders who appreciate knowing what sorts of line-break characters are being used. It's just that I find the big black CRLF blocks distracting, but I'd still like to see where the line ends are, sometimes.

    5: Any way to define what colors are used for highlighted text? I've looked through the preferences and such, but I must be missing it. (To clarify: I mean highlight as in when you select text to copy it and such.)

    Thanks in advance!

    Last edit: Sail 2014-07-12