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Regex replacement with params not working right

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paul t
  • paul t
    paul t

    Log Control {LogLib};U_LOGCTL;1130;Active/Inactive;"Whether the item is active or inactive in its current state";TS_ACTIVEINACTIVE;1519;8d07cbb2-446c-42c6-b703-5f4b7e8a60bc;;18:Active/inactive.;Binary;Listbox;0;;;;;;;;

    Search for:

    Replace with:
    \4 ; \6 ; \10;\11;\12 ; \5

    Active/Inactive ; TS_ACTIVEINACTIVE ; Log Control {LogLib}0;Log Control {LogLib}1;Log Control {LogLib}2 ; "Whether the item is active or inactive in its current state"

    The "\10" "\11" and "\12" replacement params are being interpreted as "\1"_ where _ is 0-2.

    I tried same thing on a test line:

    And it works.

    Confused am I.

    • ${11} and ${12} etc, should be used for replacement groups greater than 9.

      • Fool4UAnyway

        Just to demonstrate the experience I mentioned in another thread, this is what the thread list showed up till now:

        Regex replacement with params not working right
        1 13
        By Dave Brotherstone Dave Brotherstone
        on Fri Aug 09, 2013 07:50 PM

        There was another recent thread which was shown to have a single post with the last one ("that one") made by Dave Brotherstone.

        I was puzzled that Dave would ask a question about regular expressions. Well, he didn't. He had directly replied to the first message in the thread and apparently, then, this reply is not counted as a post.

        It might as well be the case that now the number of posts in this thread is 3, as it should be.