Using "notepad++" in order to write programs in "c++"

  • mamalireza

    Hi there,

    I'm using notepad++ as an editor to write my programs in c++ language. My problem is that I need different parts of my program to be in different colors. However, I found no option in notepad++ to change the color of some part of the text (I can only change the style of the program totally, but not some part of it!). The only thing I can do is using some predetermined styles in this editor which don't change the color of text and just makes it highlighted and are not suitable for my purposes. I also tried PopUp StyleMenue and found something like this, but really don't know how to define my favorite styles:

    Item FolderName="Style token" id="43022"/
    Item FolderName="Style token" id="43024"/
    Item FolderName="Style token" id="43026"/
    Item FolderName="Style token" id="43028"/
    Item FolderName="Style token" id="43030"/

    Item FolderName="Remove style" id="43023"/
    Item FolderName="Remove style" id="43025"/
    Item FolderName="Remove style" id="43027"/
    Item FolderName="Remove style" id="43029"/
    Item FolderName="Remove style" id="43031"/
    Item FolderName="Remove style" id="43032"/
    Item id="0"/

    I would be grateful if you could provide any idea regarding my problem. And thanks a lot in advance.

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  • cchris

    The Modeline parsr plugin has the ability to add special comments in order to cause different tyling in pparts of text files. I have not tested it, so this may or may not help you.