File tree and FTP server include!?

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  • Daniel Schmitz
    Daniel Schmitz

    at first let me say, that your editor is very nice.

    Currently i developed my projects with Zend Studio.
    I really pleased to use n++ in the future for that but some features missed, that i really need.

    for me its hard to explain what i mean by that topic so i've include some screenshots from zend studio.

    here you can add ftp servers to zend. zend handle this as normal folders. a big advantage to develop remote on servers!

    here on the left you can see the file tree, that i really needed.

    so what about these features in the future?
    can they be included in feature versions of n++?

    best regards.

    • Don HO
      Don HO

    • I don't think the features you described will be implemented soon. I just wanted to say, that... If you own a licensed copy of Zend Studio, you shouldn't be looking for other editors for PHP! From all the articles about PHP editing, and from my own experience (my friend owns a copy ZS) i can tell that there is no better software for PHP developement and, imho, there will never be. So, use ZS!

    • Daniel Schmitz
      Daniel Schmitz

      yes, we have licenses.
      but i hate zs... it's buggy and uses too much systemresources. and at all.. it runs on java *ugly*