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Problem with \0 in replacement (and some suggestions)

2. Help
  • Lazy Zefiris
    Lazy Zefiris

    I am currently working with specific text files that uses \0 symbol for newline. I've opened file, successfully replaced all \0 with \r\n and now, after editing file, I've found out I can't replace it back! Replacing \r\n with \0 just removes newlines. Overall replacement tools seems to read \0 as the end of replacement string. The workaround with binary-copying NUL and binary-pasting it to the end of every line is cumbersome and tiring.

    While I'm here and on this topic, I would also request a feature for custom "line break" character/sequence (that would break lines and be inserted when I press Enter)


  • cchris

    Please open a feature request ticket on the SF interface for the custom EOL. They won't work well in searches because Scintilla does not know about custom EOLs.

    Indde thee are issues with NULs in search/replace. Perhaps the easiest thing would be to use frhed for such binary operations, it works pretty well, and it's free.