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  • msty


    Here's the issue that bugs me out quite a while. Let's say you have a text in the line. Example:

    What I try to do it to put cursor at the start of the line. The problem is I need to be precise like a surgeon, because few pixels to the left and this happens:

    Few pixels to the right and this happens:

    The window I need to click in is exactly 4 pixels wide (clicking on pixel 200 on my setup is line bookmark and clicking at pixel 205 puts cursor after the first letter). Even in normal conditions this is a bit tricky (by that I mean that I have to pay attention to that, which is a unnecessary distraction), but when I code over 12 hours straight it becomes a problem.

    What I would like to have is a adjustable padding, defaulting to, say, 4px. Here's how it would look like:

    Clicking anywhere before the first letter will simply put cursor before the first letter.

    How can I do that? Is there a plugin or am I blind enough to not find it in default options?
    Thanks in advance.


    Hi, msty,

    I must admit, in my first steps with N++, it wasn't very easy to go to the
    very beginning of a line, with mouse gestures, but it's just a question
    of time to get the trick !

    However, it's easier to use keyboard shortcut ! Just hit the "Home" key, on your
    keyboard. Maybe, you'll need to hit the "Home" key twice, if current line begins
    with spaces and/or tabulations.

    You can also use the "ALT + Home" shortcut, which works in both cases.

    This doesn't really answer to your question, but it's a simple solution !

    Best regards,


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  • msty

    Thanks, but that's not really what I'm looking for. I do use home key, but it's not always helpful enough