ASP Formatting Issue

  • When the ASP close script tag (%>) is placed at the end of a comment line, then any HTML following that close script tag is not formatted as HTML.  If you enter a line break and place the end script tag on an empty line, then the HTML is formatted correctly.  In previous versions HTML retained its formatting even when the close script tag was on a comment line.  Can this be corrected in a future update, or will I need to move all my close script tags to empty lines?

    • I am also having this problem as well as I had NUL, DF, DLE, STX type characters and other wierd characters at the end of one of my files in place of what should have been </body> </html>.

      • I also have the same problem with the NUL characters. Is there any solution for this problem, or any option in N++ to deactivate this view. ?