Folder Margin Background

  • I'am using v.3.3 and default background combined with moire on my monitor result in jittering of folder margin part. I spent a little time to dig through NP++ menus, but didn't find any means to change it. Are there any way to define folder margin background?
    Thanks for your time.

    • hi

      I also have this problem,

      Can we please get options to change the all three, the folder margin, the bookmark margin, and the line number coloring, including the line number colors background and the text color too

    • I got it to appear.
      I had to delete all my .xml files in my Application Data folder for Notepad++
      I didnt have any of the new options in the styles configurator

    • Don HO
      Don HO

      You can modify them via the Stylers Configurator (In the menu "Languages->Stylers Configurators...") :

      Gobal Style : Fold Margin.


      • This option didn't exist, until I manually added corresponding "node" into styler.xml.
        Nonetheless, thanks to everybody, who replied, and especially to donho. It really helped.

    • Global Style : Fold Margin

      no such thing exists in v3.3