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multi-line tabs

2. Help
  • Is there anyway to keep the multi-line tabs (the tabs that show the open files) to keep from moving the rows around each time I select a new active file.  It always seems to move the row with the active file to the bottom. I would like all the rows to stay exactly where they are no matter what file I select. Is that possible?

    • Thomas

      While I agree that the row containing the active tab must be at the bottom (it's the very nature of a tab, after all, an active tab cannot "hover" in the air, it's an extrusion of its page), I find it extremely annoying that the tabs also change position within a row and even jump between rows when selecting a tab. This makes it very difficult to find them back.

      I would prefer if only the rows would move, not the tabs within the rows (I see no reason for this). Example:

      Four rows containing 3 tabs each (and, yes, I work with that many):

      A1 A2 A3
      B1 B2 B3
      C1 C2 C3
      D1 D2 D3

      Let's say the active tab is D2. Now I want B3. What should happen is:

      C1 C2 C3
      D1 D2 D3
      A1 A2 A3
      B1 B2 B3

      Rows cycle down until the row with the active tab is at the bottom. Tabs within the rows don't change position. Currently they do, and in a very confusing way. Also, tabs should not stretch to fill the whole horizontal space, but shrink to the minimum width. Finally it would be nice if one could drag tabs to individual rows so as to arrange them in a convenient way.

      It would be great if this could be implemented in a future version of Notepad++.


      • There is a feature in settings that will allow you to lock the tab order.  So you arrange them how you want and lock them down. 

        Eventually though you end up opening a few more files (without wanting to close the first group) and the new ones are now "out of order".

        What there needs to be, is a "keep tabs in alphabetical order" and/or  "sort by type".  In the former case, files like "foo.c" will tend to be next to "foo.h" while in the latter case, foo.c will be near food.c and the corresponding ".h" files will be lower in the tab list.

    • Afaik its not, its default windows behaviour

      • mcfang

        I've been using Notepad++ for several weeks now and I'm still finding this behavour very confusing.

        When I have enough files open to have multiple tab lines the usual action I want to do is move between two open files easily, but when it moves the tab-lines around with each selection it makes it difficult to find where the old line has moved to.

        I know Editplus2 keeps the tab lines static, and it feels very intuitive.