edit readonly files

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    Sorry CChris, I think you misunderstood my first post:

    only something internal to Notepad++

    The "Clear Read-Only Flag" menu item removes the file attribute, when possible. So it is not possible to edit a file in-memory without giving up it's write protection.

    You'd like some/a different feedback when editing a read-only file
    An explicit message when saving a file that you can't write to

    No, this messages exist (though the one about "opened in another program" when there is no write access to the folder is misleading).

    1. I'd like to have an explicit message when I try to start typing/editing in vain.

    2. I'd even more like to be able to edit a read-only file in-memory without clearing a flag, like in every other comparable program I can think of.

    3. I'd like to have consistent behaviour, regardless if the file itself or it's folder/medium is write protected.