Feature req: enhance auto-completion/indent

  • Paddington


    I've just started playing with NP++ and it's looking great. Still, I have some feature requests too:
    - When I use auto-completion with HTML/XML/XSL files, it would be very helpful to have intellisense, so I can toggle through a list of functions and parameters. Since you don't mind stealing great ideas, have a look at PSPAD, which has its HTML auto-completion enhanced such that it pops up a complete form in which you can fill in all variables that you need.
    - Alternatively, it would be nice to have a second level of auto-completion, e.g. I first auto complete the anchor element in HTML, <a , and while standing after the <a, I press auto-complete again, and it pops up a window with all the parameters that the <a element understands.
    - Furthermore, when inserting certain commands, e.g. an xsl:if element, it would be useful if the next line would auto-indent.

    Two additional suggestions:
    - When opening a new file, ask the type of file you want to open, and use a default template to populate it, e.g. when I create a new XML file, start will the xml namespace stuff, a default html head/body etc.
    - When pressing Ctrl-C or Ctrl-X when nothing is selected, why don't you copy/cut the current line instead (e.g. like SharpDevelop IDE does).

    BTW if someone knows how I can enable these features, e.g. by installing a plugin, please let me know.


    • Great idea - can somebody do this easily? Would be a great feature to have...