Installer issue

Don HO
  • Don HO
    Don HO

    Quote of Frank Seesink :

    > I see a lot of open-source projects using NSIS to build their installers. 
    > When I was tinkering with doing some software development,
    > I saw there were a few different open-source installer creators
    > out there like NSIS and Inno Setup.  I was curious as to why you chose NSIS,
    > what good/bad things it has, whether you use the HM NIS EDIT program to help build NSIS scripts,
    > if you are familiar with any other installer creators, etc.,
    > and just your opinion on the whole installer creator scene.

    It's hard for me to answer your question, since I have no another refrence
    (I never use Inno Setup). The reason I chose NSIS is just
    someone suggested me to do an installer by sending me a nsis script,
    I played with it, et voila!
    The multilanguage support of NSIS is well done, as well the optional component section.
    But I'm not attracted to its script language.

    Before I use Venis to edit the script, but now since Notepad++ support also NSIS...