feature request:comment block

  • Hi,
    I would like more options with the comment block command. The possibility to comment a line without having to select(part of)the line. I would also like to insert my comments at the the beginning of the line
    SCiTe has all those features


    • very nice suggestion. I actually use a lot of comment/uncomment to debug for my Perl programs. Every time when I use Ctrl+Q to comment/uncomment, I have to highlight/select at least one letter, which is not very convenient. Is it possible to increase an option to define the minimum block size: 0 or more? Thanks!

      • Mike Harris
        Mike Harris

        Sort of going along with this message, and going along with allowing more options for comment/uncomment block; it would be nice if you could in fact comment out whitespace, or new lines, and not require any characters to be commenting.  While probably not the most professional looking code, I have to make my code easy to read for "novices" and inserting some extra space in there usually helps.

      • BTW, the comment character is incorrectly set as "//" for tcl. It should be "#" instead.


    • one very useful feature is to insert text before one block, like the "column mode" of Crimson Editor...