Make proyect web page accesible

  • Hello,

    Thank you all notepad++ developers. Thank you very much for such efficient and powerfull editor; keep it simple and you won't lose its esence.

    I have always experiment that the proyect web page loads too slow... whatever conexion I`m using. I know thoose efects are pretty, but they are heavy too. Anyway, the real matter is that. in my opinion, you/she should make it more accesible and standards compilance, to support whatever device that visits the site, and perform loading time. And, if you like, there are much pretty efficient and beautiful effects by using XHTML + CSS, with not so much JavaScript (like now).

    Check this!

    Thank you very mauch for your time.

    A happy Notepad++ user from 2.x version

    jesuscn "from/at" correo "dot" ugr "dot" es

    • If Don wanted it, I'll do it ;-)