NppCalc - plugin for evaluates the expressions in the Notepad++

  • RinOS

    NppCalc used to work with math, trigonometry, statistics, combinatorics, sets, bits, strings, dates, color, RS-232, TCP / IP, encoding, encryption, hashing, compression, etc, Over 300 functions.

    Q: How does this work?
    A: Just type function name and press Enter.

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    • Please add NppCalc to PluginManager.

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      manager. There's also more information at about
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    Hello Rinospro,

    First of all, sorry for my poor english ( I'm French )

    I discover your plugin last Friday and it looks very insteresting
    for people involved in mathematics or physics. The number and variety
    of themes described are impressive and it can also help everyone for
    current mathematic operations !

    I noticed two odd things :

    • On a fresh dezipped package npp.6.2.3.bin.7z, I test your plugin
      an if I display your help file, the different explanations seem
      encoded and I didn't succeed to get intellegible text ! May be,
      I miss something obvious, but I don't know why !!

      By chance, the different syntaxes of functions are readable and
      I was able to understand and test plenty of your fonctions, by
      myself. It looks nice !

    • On a fresh dezipped package npp.6.3.bin.7z, I also do some tests.
      and, in addition to the previous behaviour above, your help file
      ( a .txt file ) look like a defined user language, with syntax
      highlighting, although I didn't create any User Define Language ?!

      Moreover, any other .txt file open adopts the same highlighting !

      I ignore if it's a N++ issue or a Nppcalc.dll issue ?

    Anyways, your plugin looks promising !



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  • RinOS

    Hello THEVENOT Guy!

    The matter is that Help is written in Russian. (I'm Russian)
    Likely a problem in the coding. The next version will write in English.

    Moreover, any other .txt file open adopts the same highlighting!

    Highlighting - inside the dll. Therefore, all txt highlighting. You can disable nppcalc, then highlighting disable.


    Hi, RinOS,

    I hope it's not too cold in Russia for the moment, but, in France,
    the weather is quite cold since three weeks. But, as I love skiing,
    cold keep good snow and I'm not too disappointed !

    I donwloaded your new version of NppCalc, three days ago,
    but i didn't answer you, yet, because I'm involved with tests
    on regular expressions, in the PRCE engine of N++.

    Now, I finished to test the main features of the PCRE engine on
    the new 6.3.0 version of N++ and you can see my post,
    for information, at the address :

    I confirm that, with your new version, your english help file
    is quite readable !

    Moreover, the highlighting in TXT files in the previous version,
    doen't occur anymore ! So, everything is OK, by now.

    I'll test your plugin in a couple of days, and I'll try to create a
    French help file. If you give me an e-mail address, I'll
    be able to send your the translated file, if you want to !

    By the way :

    My personal e-mail address is :

    My user name in is guy038 and my nickname is Guytou !

    Best Regards,


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