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Wrap affects the "show last position"

  • Somebody care to backup me for this MAJOR BUG to be resolved? Please? I love Notepad++ but this bug does my head in..

    Take a look:

    • Nobody??

    • Be patient or... be a patient.

      • Well, I guess nobody's interested with this. :(

        Patient? Let's see.. I opened the bug tracker item 2005-12-29. Patient?

        • Harry

          I submitted a patch, hopefully it'll get integrated.

          Its more or less a little shortcoming of Scintilla that wrapping behaves so erratic. With some workaround the correct position can be found but Scintilla offers no real solution since one has to make 3 calls (atleast thats how I did it) before you get the correct result, which is 2 more than my liking ;). Wrapping seems to be a very difficult thing to do so thats probably why it gives so much trouble. The same goes for automatic indentation with wrapping, I dont think its very easy to implement, especially if the indent gets larger than the screen, then what? :).

          Anyway, its set to WontFix because Scintilla made it so hard. The same goes for the scrollbar, which was related to Scintilla aswell.

          • Great job.. and not so hard? At least definitely not WontFix as I suspected. Does your patch fix also the find tool positioning problem?

            Is there a reason for not to implement this fix into N++? Performance issue? Shouldn't be.. I hope.