Notepad++ v5.1 Official Release is available

Don HO
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  • Don HO
    Don HO

    Notepad++ v5.1 Official Release is available :

    In this release a crash bug due to the weird file creation/modification time is fixed.
    Some features and bugs are also added and fixed in this release.  But the most important added feature is make Notepad++ version 5.1 a true Unicode-compliant application :
    Not only you can open a Unicode path file in Notepad++, but also you can use whichever localization file (nativeLang.xml) under whichever language environment (for w2k/xp/vista).

    A new plugin DocShared is included in this release (in both ANSI and Unicode version).
    DocShared plugin (developped by Harry) allows multi-user to modify the same document in the real time via the network(collaborative editing). My favarite part is this brilliant plugin transforms Notepad++ from an text editor into a IM client, without inscription on any server side.

    Another new included plugin deserved to be mentioned is NppAutoIndent (Harry again).
    It makes smart indent feature available in C style (c, c++, java, c#...) languages. Smart indent feature is ON by default in official distribution.

    2 packages are included in 5.1 OR : Unicode release and ANSI release.
    ANSI version is released for those who work still under pre-historic win95/98/ME :)
    Sure you can always use the ANSI version under w2k/xp/vista if you don't need Unicode path support, however unicode release will be the main stream on the future versions (ie. The installer contains only Unicode version).
    All the plugins which are compatible with v5.0.3 will be compatible with ANSI release, but not with Unicode release.
    For the plugin authors, please refer to the note in Plugin forum to make plugin compatible with both Unicode/ANSI version :

    Note that the Notepad++ installer won't remove the ANSI plugins for you, so if you update your old Notepad++ with installer, remove the ANSI plugins manually after the installation.

    If you find any regression, please report here by precising your notepad++ release mode (ANSI or UNICODE), which is indicated in About dialog.

    Notepad++ v5.1 fixed bugs and added features (from v5.0.3) :

    1.  Make Notepad++ Unicode-compliant application(Unicode path supported).
    2.  Fix crash issue due to the incoherent modification/creation date.
    3.  Enhance Find in files feature : launch in thread, stop as wish.
    4.  Add find/replace dialog memorize capacity.
    5.  Fix "find in all opened files" and "find in files" unicode text search bug.
    6.  Fix "replace" and "replace all" bug.
    7.  Fix tag match highlighting mismatched bug.
    8.  Make tag match highlighting on non html zone optional.
    9.  Fix cpu high consumption bug while document is cloned with smart highlighting and xml matched highlighting features activating.
    10. Refine the Save/Open file directory settings (follow tab/last operation/user defined dir).
    11. Add "Doc go to new instance" and "Doc open in new instance" features.
    12. Move document to another instance of Notepad++ via drag and drop document tab.
    13. Add new pluin notification NPPN_DOCACTIVATED and NPPN_LANGCHANGED.
    14. Fix context menu incorrect setting crash bug.
    15. Fix crash problem while typing Chinese character in ANSI CSS document under Chinese environment.
    16. Fix a problem with Incremental search+UTF8 in win9x.
    17. Fix the User defined language not working in Unicode version bug.
    18. Fix bug with CPP lexer keyword list.
    19. Fix auto-completion not woring for HTML, SQL and RC problem.
    20. Fix html, sql and rc auto-completion bug.
    21. Fix cancel to save file in Notepad++ can not stop system shutdown problem.
    22. Fix bug with opening relative path files.
    23. Fix bug with clearing read-only flag.
    24. Fix wrap after save as bug.
    25. Improve "reload from disk" behaviour.
    26. Add option to only show the filename in the titlebar.
    27. Add NPPM_[G/S]ET_BUFFERLANGTYPE, NPPM_[G/S]ET_BUFFERENCODING, NPPM_[G/S]ET_BUFFERFORMAT  messages to access buffer properties.
    28. Remove all the comic sans font (finally :) ).

    Included plugins (Unicode):

    1.   TexFX v0.24a
    2.   MIME Tools v1.5
    3.   NppExport v0.2.8
    4.   Doc Monitor v2.2
    5.   NppAutoIndent 1.2
    6.   FTP_synchronize v0.9.6
    7.   NppAutoIndent 1.2
    8.   NppDocShare v0.1

    Included plugins (ANSI):

    1.   TexFX v0.24a
    2.   NppExec v0.2 RC3.2
    3.   Spell Checker v1.3.1
    4.   MIME Tools v1.5
    5.   FTP_synchronize v0.9.6
    6.   NppExport v0.2.8
    7.   Compare plugin v1.5.1
    8.   Light Explorer v1.5
    9.   Doc Monitor v2.2
    10. NppAutoIndent 1.2
    11. NppDocShare v0.1

    Have a good time with Notepad++ new release.


    • NoAngel

      I tried Notepad++ Unicode 5.1 under Windows 2000 SP4 Japanese. OS language and system locale is Japanese.
      If default font "Courier New" is set, kanji characters are not displayed properly. If I set any font with Japanese support, for example, "MS UI Gothic", kanji are displayed, but Notepad++ main menu font can not be changed, so I can't see anything in items of main menu. Please help me to patch source code to display Japanese in main menu(change main menu font or encoding, I don't know...). I had no such problem in ANSI version.

      Currently I disabled Japanese in main menu by renaming nativeLang.xml in program folder.

      • Iwash

        I met the same issue on Japanese. So I installed V5.0.3 again...

    • Thanks Fabio (countdown) for your post on plugins and unicode.

      I found other suggestion for v5.1:

      1) From the menu help I can access the help file (.chm) I  downloaded from the web page. An idea that is suggest is there must be an access to it.

      2) The word wrap limit line: depends of the font the visual limit.
      For example adjusted to 100 characters with Tahoma font, but
      the limit is not in 100 characters, but with font new Courier it is.
      3)  I Think Notepad++ is needing a ruler in the top of the page as in others text editors. This would be a good update.
      I know that the plugin TextFX I can insert a ruler, but is not the same thing.

      Best regards.

    • Airdrik

      I've installed the Unicode version, and I've found that it crashes frequently while doing normal editing.  I'm not sure all what exactly the situations were in the various times where it has crashed.  One situation was opening files when NP++ is already opened (using the context menu on another file from win explorer).  Another was when trying some things with Block Indentation. 

      As I encounter crashes, I'll post them here. 

    • Sing

      "Enhance Find in files feature : launch in thread, stop as wish"

      seems its not stop as wish, during the searching, I clicked the "Close" button, but the search continue. I also tried closing it by pressing "X" button on the search result panel, but it pop out again after it closed. It can only stop after the search is completed.

      • Sing

        the problem is solved......just can't see the "stop searching" button.....

    • sask


      I hope I don't repeat some known issues. I use Notepad++ ANSI and UNICODE 5.1 under XP/SP3 and found, that the verbose backup only do  if the sub folder "nppBackup" already exist (is it a bug?).
      An other small issues occurrence if I start a new instance (from sub menu) and the current folder has blanc's in the name, Notepad++ can't open this folder. It try to open each  separate string.  ( It also would be fine, if I can start a new instance without an exist file. )
      It is not critical but disturbing.

      So that's all.
      Best regards.

      • Harry

        The second issue will be fixed in the next release, I havent know about the backup issue, but its worth looking into

    • red comet
      red comet

      Sorry's not really portable (I would like that the program doesn't write its data to registry and sys folders of the host Pc. Sure, it's normal and accettable for portability to write to registry's keys like "LastVisitedMRU", "MRUList", "MUIcache", etc.).

      Test (step by step):

      1-Downloaded the zip version
      2-Extracted to a folder (on fresh installed winxp pro sp3)
      3-Regshot first shot
      4-Doubleclick on notepad++.exe (unicode version) to open the program.
      5-Then "Settings"->"Preferences..."
      6-Check "Small icons" and uncheck "Show Status Bar", then click on "Close"
      7-Exit the program Notepad++
      8-Regshot second shot and then "Compare":

      here the Reshot's log:

      Keys added:4

      Value added:2
      HKLM\SOFTWARE\Classes\Notepad++_file\shell\open\command\: ""F:\Programming\npp.5.1\notepad++.exe" "%1""
      HKLM\SOFTWARE\Classes\Notepad++_file\: "Notepad++ Document"

      Thanks for the great program.

      • Don HO
        Don HO

        The mentioned registry entries are written when you do association with file extesion to Notepad++ (via preference dialog).

        If you didn't touch this part and they are written to registry, then it's a bug.

        I'll take a look in the code. If so, this bug will be fixed in the future version.


    • red comet
      red comet

      Beholder wrote:

      > N++ is perfectly portable

      No, it's not.
      You don't understand what a really portable app is.

      Some guys had make it portable:

      but it's an inefficient solution 'cause they used an external launcher (second process at run time, maked it with an interpreted language, etc.).

      The Really portable app is a Really natively portable app.

      some natively portable apps (if you don't believe me, try it yourself), about editors:

      - Notepad2
      - RJ TextEd
      - GVim Portable
      - Meditor’s
      - Notepad X

      Imho notepad++ is the best scintilla based editor; if it was really (natively) portable it would be perfect.


    • red comet
      red comet

      donho wrote:

      > If you didn't touch this part and they are written to registry,
      > then it's a bug.

      Yes, I didn't touch that part.
      In the "Settings"->"Preferences..." I touched the "Small icons" and "Show Status Bar" options only.


    • 7GOLEM7

      Hi Don, the first bug, also I hope last.))))
      The text of the program is incorrectly displayed.
      But on 5.0.3 it works 100 %.
      I have noticed this problem still in BETA 5.1, but have thought, that you know and will correct.
      Similar problem and in the Ukranian language, I do not know other languages!)))
      If a file nativeLang.xml to clean, the program becomes in ENGLISH (normal English, without BUGs).

      If it is possible, make HOTFIX


      • Don HO
        Don HO

        > The text of the program is incorrectly displayed.
        > But on 5.0.3 it works 100 %.

        Could you test with both ANSI and Unicode version, then tell me which one does not work?


        • Don HO
          Don HO

          Here's my test under my English vista with Unicode version, it works fine :

          I have no Russian Windows to test ANSI version, but the other languages  are tested under xp (Chinese Big5, Hebrew), so it should work with Russian.


    • 7GOLEM7

      As you see, options are not similar to this text!

      "0" name = "Файл"/>
      "1" name = "Правка"/>
      "2" name = "Поиск"/>
      "3" name = "Вид"/>
      "4" name = "Кодировки"/>
      "5" name = "Синтаксис"/>
      "6" name = "Опции"/>
      "7" name = "Макросы"/>
      "8" name = "Запуск"/>

    • 7GOLEM7

      Further, line Show only filename in titlebar - needs to be made more shortly (closes a framework)
      And line Blink Rate: - on the contrary
      Option Highlight matching tags - does not work (is not switched off)
      You have changed addresses and consequently some lines of translation do not work )))))
      And add new lines
      Example: TRANSPARENCY
      Again I send on mail the new version of translation. (+5 new and 3 corrected lines).
      All is at present translated that probably.

      V3 trans  )))

    • TheDutchJewel

      An old bug is back again. After selecting one or more rows and delete it with Ctrl+X, the cursor jumps two or seven rows up. Sea also the old topic:

      The workaround posted there (de-activate "+Viz Capture Keyboard Ctrl-C,X,V" in the "TextFX Viz Settings"  menu) doesn't work. I had to delete the NPPTextFX.dll file to get rid of this annoying bug. Any other solution?

      • Don HO
        Don HO

        It's a TextFX issue - some functionalities are broken due to the adaptation of Notepad++ Unicode version by Harry.

        Since TextFX is a very valuable plugin for Notepad++, maybe Chris (author of TextFX) can lend us a hand to solve this bug for the future version?

        Anyway, TextFX plugin is removed from Unicode package in this release.
        The new released packages are available in the same place.


    • Ignas

      Another bug in latest version of notepad in highlighting SQL:
      Notepad highlights following combination: \\\' as ' . This is same as in PHP " and \".
      Fix what bug plz. Thanks.

    • Jan Schreiber
      Jan Schreiber

      In the ANSI version, all the parameters in the function parameter call tips have a capital L in front of them for me. Anyone else noticing this?

      • Don HO
        Don HO

        This bug is in both ANSI and Unicode version.
        It'll be fixed in the next release.


    • Mark


      Notepad++ 5.1 (Unicode) freezes when opening nfo files. Both scene NFO's and just plain text saved as nfo make Notepadd+ freeze.

    • Bertie

      Chinese (?) characters in first language entry of the Styler Configuration dialog. Should probably be "Global Styles"?

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