Feature Suggestion: Extensions

  • I'm not sure if this is practical, but I found that programs with extension supports are very good to use. Since:

    (1) It allow third party softwares to plugin and extend the program's functionalities
    (2) It allow users to modify the "weight" and functions according to their own needs

    I was previously using the program "jedit" for editing. It have a large collection of "plugins". Moreover, it's plugin manager allow you to install and update for its plugins from the web.

    I am also a fan of Mozilla Firefox which allow users to alter the program by add and remove extensions.

    I think that Notepad++ is a lot system friendly (not using Java, use less resources), but it still have rooms for improvement and growth. Extension support is good for both.

    • Don HO
      Don HO

      I'm very interested to do this feature, but I have little idea to do it.

      If you have the experience to implement the extension or plugins, please contact me.


    • Atomhrt

      Here's two links.
      Assuming c++ is used:

      Otherwise, just use google and enter "how to write plugins" followed by the language.