insert Carriage Return in Replace fields

  • PsychoMessiah

    I think it would be useful to add a button to insert a Carriage Return in the Search and replace fields, for example to transform this :


    actually that would give this :


    • I agree.  I'm currently using EditPad Lite to do some HTML wrangling because of its ability to do multiple line search and replace.  I'd like to record a macro to do this rather tedious step, but I can't find a macro-enabled editor with multi-line search and replace.  I was hoping this would be the one.

    • Scott Dowlen
      Scott Dowlen

      I agree.  I think allowing the RE symbols \r and \n in the search dialogs would be very nice.  I am trying to delete a bunch of similar rows from a log file, and this would be nice:

      replace "writing [0-9]+ bytes\n"
      with ""

      in addition, we need special functions to deal with bookmarked lines.  Cut/copy/delete all bookmarked lines at a minimum

    • Several of the better editors implement copy-cut-delete actions on bookmarked lines. I've implemented a more advanced technique in the NPPTextFX plugin soon to be released I call Viz which hides & shows lines. You can perform those actions on all, hidden, or shown lines.

    • Its really needed for notepad++ to allow search and replace for multiple lines.

    • agree! This is the only thing I am missing at notepad++ so far... Great job!

    • My latest addition to the TextFX plugin is full ANSI & UNICODE multi line search and replace. If Don put in my Load/Save routines, we'll have everything we need to have a UNICODE compatible editor here.

    • Until Sourceforge gets their links working again, please look for the NPPTextFX announcement thread in the Plugins forum.