• Anyone know where there is an aspx language file?

    • That would be great. I too am looking for a plugin or a language file that will make notepad++ wotk ASPX (and Web Services).

      • I'm looking too a plugin o language file for aspx , anyone ???

        • ASP seems to be supported. Will there be a aspx version?


          • I use ASP.NET *.aspx files a lot.  As of Notepad++ v4.7.2 (and also earlier versions), I must manually set the language for each file I open to ASP.  This seems to suffice for most of the code, although some items from other XML namespaces do not get colored highlighting, so I'm not sure whether the ASP language fully covers ASPX files.

            It would be nice if ASPX files would automatically be recognized by Notepad++, at least using the ASP language if nothing else.

            • You can add the file extension to the language list.