Find/Replace Suggestion

  • Bark Vom Hex
    Bark Vom Hex

    It would be really cool if Notepad++ could find / replace text in all open documents instantly (like in EditPad). :) Cheers

    • BicketyBam

      I'd also second that.

      Also a find in files ala Visual C would be great. I use notepad++ for all my php but still open VS to do a find in files...

      • I would be also grateful if you could do teh back reference for replacing.

        In addition, there seems to be a bug: I want to place a character at the end of every line. Therefore I tried to replace $ with that sign using regular expressions, but Notepad++ told me that it is not well formed (version 3.3).

        On the other hand, it seems that the old bug that replacement did not go up to the end has been fixed


        • Paulius

          You do have back references when using regular expressions.

          If you want to place a character at the end of each line you can not just put "$" character in a search field. You must use something like "(.)$" and in replace with field you should put something like "\1X" (X is the character you want to append to the line). And ofcourse - regular expression must be checked.

          • Thank you very much, it really does help me a lot!

    • This program was a dream come true until i realise regular expression replacement does not support backreference... Please consider it for the next release..