Excessive line spacing

  • Notepad++ looks really nice, but I won't be using it, because there seems to be a minimum line spacing of 19 pixels, with which I can only see 30 lines of text when the program is maximized at 1024x768.

    • I second that. Is it any chance to get line spacing adjustable in future?

    • jmg_

      If I go to language.StyleCOnfigurator, and change the default FONT from courier, to FixedSys, 10pt, then the lines count increases to 39 ?

      FisedSys then does not zoom as well, but the Zoom
      feature is not a common one in an editor.
      ( not the same as slecting a larger font )

      I tried Lucida Console, and that font gives
      37 lines in default, and does zoom better.

      ie, you can control a lot by selecting the right
      FONT ?

    • Adjusting the line spacing would be a nice feature.

      But for now, I think you guys could check the Styler Configurator.

      If one element like "Brace Highlight style" have a big font size, it will increase the whole document line spacing.

      Leaving everything at the default size (blank) would make the line height fit the font size.

      Hope it helps...


    • Thank you, Rico. It does help...