Feature Request: Switching Upper/Lower

  • how about: Switching the Upper / Lower State of (selected) Letters within shortcuts like Uedit does (F5, chift F5, ...)..

    is it planned? would'n be that hard to realize, huh? :)

    • Don HO
      Don HO

      > Upper / Lower State of (selected) Letters

      If you mean Upper/lower case, it's already implemented.


    • This function only works on the ASCII-characters "a" to "z" and "A" to "Z". Accented characters and umlauts are not converted:


    • "das l fliet abwrts!" will be converted into:
      "DAS l FLIEt ABWrTS!"

      quite buggy.

      also it would be cool if the feature would also implemented to convert strings from "test" into "Test" (upper only the first) and convert strings from "foO bAr" into "FOo BaR" (invert case state)